Fire Protection Certification Training From UniteSES

A guide to sprinkler alternatives for domestic fire protection

UniteSES is proud to present our specialist fire protection training course. The course is designed to educate about sprinkler alternatives and provide practical and useful fire protection system training.

With our comprehensive knowledge and understanding of all aspects of fire alarm systems, prevention strategies and specialist fire equipment, the course offers an exciting opportunity to reflect on and better your own fire safety practice.

What does the seminar cover?


We deliver a high-quality seminar in which delegates will learn about the benefits of active fire protection and the different types of sprinkler system alternatives for domestic fire protection, including the newest Plumis technology.

Our fire protection specialist will cover design, installation, prevention and more. We’re proud to provide hands-on advice for what system might be best for your particular home or business.

Why sprinkler alternatives?


Traditional sprinklers are a well established and effective means of controlling fire. However, their high cost and disruption explain their low penetration in domestic properties.

The use of alternative fire suppression systems can provide the opportunity for both compliance and fire safety to be maximised cost-effectively by making sure the objectives of the Scottish Technical Handbook are being met. Plumis automist systems, for example, present a more sophisticated and fit for purpose means of fire protection.

fire protection certification training

Who would benefit from a seminar?

  • Architects
  • Building Control Officers
  • Care Home Managers and Owners
  • Developers
  • Housing Associations
  • Mechanical and Electrical Consultants
  • Private and public landlords
  • Quantity Surveyors
  • Those with a duty of care for the vulnerable

What are the benefits of a fire training course?

Find a protection system that is more fit for purpose


All too often, businesses and homeowners will simply stick with whatever is already installed in their building. These systems can be years out of date, impractical and overall not fit for purpose. It’s likely that technology will have moved on since the initial installation, and purposefully choosing a protection system that suits your home or business as it is now can save you time, effort and stress should the worst happen.

Our seminar gives you the opportunity to explore your options with a professional who has the knowledge required to provide you with reliable advice.


Peace of mind


Attending a fire training course can be hugely influential on your peace of mind. Knowing that your building is optimally protected from the dangers of fire allows you to rest easy.


Team building


Our course is a perfect opportunity for productive team building in your business. Team building can help your workforce connect with one another, and improves trust and collaboration. Our seminar is a great chance for your employees to learn something new, whilst expanding their practical, transferable skills.

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