Domestic and Industrial Electrician, Perth

Looking for electrical engineering in Perth and Kinross?

After many years of experience, UniteSES is proud to be considered among the best electricians in Perth. With over 100,000 jobs completed to a high standard, our domestic and commercial electricians will deliver high quality, bespoke service to any sized project.

If you’re looking for an electrical contractor, look no further than the team at UniteSES.


Why choose us?

Our electrical team is fully qualified and certified by the Scottish Joint Industry Board and SELECT and is highly skilled in all aspects of Electrical Installation and testing. We pride ourselves on the quality of the work we do, whether that’s small domestic repairs or alterations, or full industrial & commercial design and build projects.

However, it’s not all about the finished result. While delivering first-class electrical systems, we also provide a fantastic customer experience. We started out as a small family run business, and we have not lost our essence. Our electrical work is always customer focussed and we work to your requirements.

What are our electrical services? 

Our particular expertise lies in domestic, commercial and industrial environments where standards and service are paramount.


  • Lighting and Power

Whether it’s for your home or a rental property, you can trust us to install functional and high-quality power and lighting.


  • Emergency Lighting

Often required in public buildings, this low-level lighting will guide people out of the premises in case of power loss.


  • Sport, Roadway and Car Park Lighting

Sporting, roadway or car park lighting requires equal light distribution and a high level of intensity. We offer several options that fulfil this brief.


  • Switchgear Installation

Switchgear is the box that contains various switches to activate or isolate your electrical equipment. As an essential safety feature of your building, you must have a box functioning properly and efficiently.


  • Power Supplies for Machinery and Plant

For your equipment to work correctly and at its best, you must choose the correct power supply. Please get in touch, and we can advise you further.


  • Electric Space and Water Heating

An alternative to gas heating, water heating is versatile, reliable and clean.


  • Solar and PV

If you’re interested in reducing your carbon footprint, solar energy can be a great way to power your home.


  • Home Automation

Our electronic engineers can help you find ease and convenience by linking your devices to your lights, television, and other appliances in your home.


  • Audio Visual Installations

Great for meeting rooms and home entertainment systems, we can install and integrate any design that suits your needs best.


In addition to the traditional contracting services, we also offer other specialist technical services, such as;


  • Mechanical Ventilation

We can help medical institutions get up and running with life-saving equipment.


  • Lightning and Surge Protection

Prevent damage to your electrical goods by blocking or redirecting surges into the ground rather than into your device.


  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Built to allow computers to maintain functionality for a short time after the power cuts out, these power supplies are lifesavers for large commercial operations.


  • Stand-By and Event Diesel Generators

A piece of equipment made up of a diesel engine and an electric generator. They work together to convert diesel fuel into electricity.


  • Project and Lighting Design

Got a large or small scale project that needs to be powered? We’ve got you covered.


  • Project Budgeting abd Project Management

Our multi-skilled team can assist you in other areas of your project, such as helping you plan out your budget and managing all aspects.


  • Energy Usage Analysis

UniteSES can suggest alternatives that might work more efficiently and cost-effectively by analysing your energy consumption.


  • Structured Cabling and Networking

Structured cabling is the act of installing planned cable infrastructure into your building. 


  • Harmonic and Heat Surveys

Establish whether your site or premises is experiencing harmonic disturbances. Harmonic waves can be harmful to the health of your devices.


  • CAD drawings

Computer-aided design (CAD) drawings are used for architectural design and technical and mechanical plans.

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