Total Security: Services You Can Trust from UniteSES

What do we offer?


For almost two decades, UniteSES has provided high quality domestic and commercial services you can rely on. We have built an impressive roster of regular clients who trust us to handle the utilities crucial to the running of their businesses.

At UniteSES, we’re accustomed to maintaining the high standards that have become associated with our name. With over 125,000 jobs under our belts in every corner of the United Kingdom, you can be sure you’re in good hands.

Security services


Our engineers work with the most up-to-date equipment on the market to ensure the total security of your premises. We offer some of the most innovative systems available, including the virtual network SALTO, which provides state of the art electronic and keyless access.

We provide:

If you choose to work with us, we will offer advice to help you find the solution that will best meet the needs of your building. We always work to your specifications and budget.

Class F fire extinguisher

Fire Solutions


At UniteSES, we understand that health and safety are imperative to the smooth running of your business. You’ll need a suitable fire safety system installed in your building to meet fire regulations. Let us take care of it all, from design and installation to fire risk assessment processes.

We offer:

We offer the latest in Automist technology, including the SmartScan system, which directly identifies and attacks the fire’s origin, minimising damage.

Electrical Services


Our electrical contractors are highly trained individuals who are experts in their trade. We provide a range of services, from electrical installations to electrical testing. Some solutions we provide include:

  • Power and indoor lighting
  • Outdoor lighting (including car parks, sport and roadways)
  • Health and safety features, such as emergency lighting
  • Agricultural power
  • Air conditioning and ventilation services
  • Alternative power supplying, such as solar
  • And many more

Our experienced engineers can provide almost any form of electrical support and installation, so we urge you to contact us directly to discuss your specific needs. We feel confident that we can find the solution that suits you best.

More than just practical services, we offer ongoing support in the form of project management, budgeting and design guidance. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke, expert advice to our clients and forming long-lasting partnerships with them.

Home Security

Assistance for Landlords


To rent out a property, landlords must comply with several regulations. They must abide by modern legislation or risk having their license revoked.

With excellent knowledge of the current systems in place, UniteSES is here to guide you through the process safely. This includes alarm requirements, where to fit them and how to maintain them. We provide a complete survey of your rental property to provide bespoke advice on precisely what you need to do to meet regulations.

COVID-19 Compliance and Risk Management


Over the past year, we’ve all had to adapt to a ‘new normal’, and businesses are no different. Innovative as ever, our industry has developed new and exciting solutions that allow companies to work in safety and peace of mind.

We offer a substantial range of new cutting-edge technologies that will help monitor the health of your employees and minimise risk. With the Thermi-Screen Body Temperature Detection system, you can record the temperature of up to 40 people at once. This is an ideal and fuss-free solution that quickly identifies any risks at the entrance and exit of your building or event.

Occupi is an excellent solution if you need to monitor the number of people entering and exiting the building. Fully integrated with your entry system, Occupi allows you to restrict who can enter your building and when.

We also provide COVID-19 signage, including hygiene and social distancing reminders.

2 M apart sign